Our main goal is to deliver all pharmaceutical stocks to our clients within 12 hours of request. We also build good customer relations with our clients of good standing by granting credit payments over short monthly periods.

We are able to maintain a close monitor of our client base through dedicated sales personnel. We operate from 3 stores which serve all our clients across Ghana. The first is the head office at Kwabenya – Accra and 2 other branches in the central part of the City of Accra and Takoradi in the Western region of Ghana.

We increase our customer base and commitment by:

  • Making our customers’ needs our priority so they return and recommend us to more clients.
  • Maintaining and exceeding customer expectations with superior quality and pricing


Regional and District Hospitals

Private Hospitals and Clinics

The Military and Police Hospitals

Hospitals and Clinics of Key National and International organizations

Retail Pharmacies


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